IM Correspondents of the Year

Since I added Bandersnatch to my Jabber server to log all conversations between myself and my correspondants on various IM networks two weeks ago, I also managed to import whole year worth of chat messages in XML format logged by JAJC into my message history database. Analysing the data itself proves to be quite interesting. Well, not just the content of the conversation, but also statistics itself.

For the last 16 months (Jan 2003 to Apr 2004), I have sent out 6,654 messages and received 8,374. The top 5 senders and top 5 recipients are in the same order, which makes sense as instant message is designed for two way communication, and I don't have really annoying people high on the list. The top 5 consists 64% of my total conversation. Two are in MBF, another one in Pelita, and another one my high school friend. Yeah. You all know who you are, always trying to disturb me during working hours!! :) And surprisingly Vivian my wife is my No. 4 correspondent! She must have sent a lot of messages from her desk to my desk at home.

Another interesting fact is that 92% of my messages are from ICQ and 8% are from MSN. Zero from Yahoo so I actually ended up not using it. Yahoo gateway on my Jabber server is not very stable anyway. Does the imbalance between ICQ and MSN messages indicate anything? As of distribution of the months, I found June 2003 marked the busiest for unknown reason. December 2003 and February 2004 are my the low seasons in chatting on IM, probably due to quiet Christmas in Dec '03 and busy moving house in Feb '04.

I guess this kind of statistics would be even more interesting if I can get the full chat history of my last 7 and half years on ICQ. Too bad there is no way I can recover them :(