Gmail Account for Sale on eBay

Gmail Logo A few people have landed on this blogsite asking for Gmail invites, thanks to Google's efficiency indexing frequently updated blog sites. Well, actually no thanks. I don't have any Gmail invites to give away. In fact I am also waiting for a generous soul to give me a lift to test drive Google's "revolutionary" email service, so that I can enjoy 1,000 megabytes of off-line storage for free. Oops. I mean, helping Google to debug their beta service. :)

And if ever I have a free invite, I would probably put it on auction at eBay, just in case some desperate fellow really really wanted to pay 200 bucks for a testing account on a beta email server that is going be free sooner or later. Well, actually I probably would not auction it off for 200 bucks, especially there are already more than 100 available to grab on eBay.

C'mon. It is just an email address...