Getting Orkut Invites

Quite a few strangers have either emailed me, or left comments on my blog to try to get Orkut invites. For those who I do not personally know, sorry mate, you won't get a chance. Orkut is Google's social network where friends' friends can get connected, but I don't social well with complete strangers. However, if you are really desperate looking for Orkut invites, here are some tips.

  • Go and bother with other Orkut users! Go to Feedster (the blog search engine I usually use) and search for "orkut", you will probably find plenty of bloggers talking on this subject. Maybe one of them will be generous...
  • Try eBay, because there are always people there willing to make friends with you! At a price of course :) If you search for "orkut" there, there are people willing to invite you for merely $0.99!
  • There are also free Orkut invites there, posted everywhere on the Internet by "friend-loving" individuals. Google would be your friend to find these friends.
  • Or maybe try to be my friend first so that when you ask I would be able to invite :)

On a related note, I have created a FOCUS community on Orkut so people can join. I know the ESF people have a big community on Friendster, except that Friendster does not really have a concept of "community".

Updated 25 Apr 2005: Here is another suggestion in getting the Orkut invites: You can ask for Orbut, Yahoo 360 or Gmail invites there.