Frustrated at Meetings

Today LC found my blogsite, as he searched the quoted term "3 self church" on Google. One of my blog entry was right there at result number 4! Aargghh! Since when did I become an authoritative source to provide information on the government recognised Christian church in China? Worse, another person in MBF is now reading my blog...

But that won't stop my rant.

Last night we have our monthly MBF "leaders" meeting at my place, and wasn't it an exhausting exercise?! Starts at 3:40 in the afternoon, and we did not finish until about 10:20pm at night! Moreover, there are still a few pending issues that are waiting for attention. Well, we did have two and half hours of steamboat in the middle, but still, it was a ministry oriented meeting went unnecessarily long.

Or have I become short tempered with some needless discussions? Maybe I have lost my tolerance over unconvincing arguments and excuses that have been repeated again and again. Pressure. Pressure. Everyone has their own views on certain things, but why can't we "just do it" in ministry, instead of discussing implementation difficulties? Then we get side tracked, to the Lah Lah land and back. Frustration. Rage.

Ironically, someone yesterday actually commented that I was a very patient guy. The patience appears only skin deep, unfortunately.

Working in a team of people with different personalities has always been difficult. God has given each of us, as body of Christ, different gifts so that together we can be edified (1 Corinthians 12). However, would there be a case where different personalities/ministry styles clash? Or maybe I just lack the gift of patience and tolerance?

Or call me worldly, but imagine if it was a corporate meeting yesterday, shareholders would be very worried. Meeting is there to get things done, but not to discuss through issues. I was quite delighted to attend the Unichurch's annual general meeting 2 months ago, seeing how a good ministry meeting can be organised and executed. Good meeting strategy certainly would leave people a lot more time to do the real work. And the harvest is plenty...