First Post in WordPress

As of this morning, "Scott Yang's Playground" has yet again changed its software that powers the site. Last time, which was over 18 months ago, it was a conversion from PhpWiki to Movable Type. Since the Six Apart changed the license terms with Movable Type 3, I have been thinking of jumping ships - to either TextPattern or WordPress. I like TextPattern a lot - it is clean, it has very good ideas, it has nice coding style, and it is written by Dean Allen. However, at the end I settled with WordPress 1.2, as it empowers me with very hackable raw PHP files.

Well. Here it is. WordPress powered blogsite. It took me around 3 nights to configure WordPress, do database conversion (thanks to existing Movable Type importing module), test stylesheets, write new codes to display archives, and other muck around. So far so good, and most old pages should redirect automatically to the new URL.

At the same time, there are still lots to be done.

  1. Scripturizer and syntax highligher as a WP plugin.
  2. Moving misc. pages into database managed by WP.
  3. Fixing out pages that do not get displayed properly under WP.

To be continued...