Dying hardware

The computer that serves you this page is dying. Not yet, but bits and pieces are falling apart.

My vintage CD burner has been generating more frisbee than ever. It started last week, and has so far produced half a dozen useless coasters. Using cdrecord, it would report that CD writing has achieved nirvana speed at 120x! But in fact my circa '99 Ricoh 6 speed burner just decided to drop all the frames. It has been producing sermon CD's for the last 2 and half, so it pretty much reaches the end of an optical product.

And then it's my hard drive that spills DMA uncorrectable error. It is not the 5 years old 9 Gb Quantum died from my last move, but the remaining 18-month-old 60 Gb Seagate Barracuda that has been sick lately. Dodgy dodgy drive, but it contains everything I have on it. Better remember to back up before it is too late.

Or is it a sign for getting new hardware? :)