Death Discussion on Slashdot Occasionally you do get some serious discussion happening on Slashdot, as someone this morning asked this question - "What Happens To Your Data When You Die?" As you can see, paranoid geeks are worried about their data being left behind when they breathed their last. The real question that he tries to present is, "have you planned for the hereafter, and if so, how?"

The discussion ranges from how idiotic it is to keep back up in CD-R inside a fire safe, to encryption methods used on all your pr0ns. Some funny and some off-topic, as you would expect from a Slashdot discussion. But there happens to be also some interesting/insightful quotes:

It's really all fairly standard stuff. The inclusion of computer files doesn't alter things at all really. People have been dying for years.

After the commenter talked about executor of will and power of attorney, etc. But yes, all the discussion about what to do with your data is pretty much useless, as they would probably be handled in the same way as all your other belongings. People have been dying for centuries - so what makes geek's treasured possession different?

Don't overestimate the value of your data. When you pass on, the only person who probably cares about your data will be dead.
...why do I care? I'll be dead.

Call it insightful or call it funny? "Sad" as I would mod it - how would a dead person care about his data? Nor would him care (or able to care) about whether other people would care. Still, it is a good idea to leave some kind of will before it is too late.

Then there are discussions on hacking up an application to execute your will (i.e. erase sensitive records, email your friends, set up your death notice website, etc) if it does not receive a "ping" from you for set period of time. Hey. I would not want this kind of app to mis-fire, but don't be surprise if one day you receive an email from Scott claiming that he is dead. But seriously, quite a few people have also realised that it is important to get yourself prepared before death suddenly hits you. What about your loved ones? What about your the secret diaries you wrote? What about bank accounts/password/etc? Anyone passes away would leave sorrow to the people close by, but will I leave a hack of mess, or will I leave something that they can easily pick up and go? I don't think I have got myself prepared in that regard.

And browsing through all the messages, there is not a single post with Christian perspective on life and death. There is no discussion on what's going on after death. At least there is something I have prepared for, and I know its importance far out-weight the mess that I might have left behind.

Maybe because I was browsing with +4 threshold, and all the Christian messages have been marked as -1 Troll.