Beginning and End of Random Quickies

I have started the Friday Random Quickies on this weblog nearly one year ago, but has been getting slack over the past few weeks. At the end I am just too lazy to tidy up one big long post to flush out all the junk I've collected through out the week. And it pretty much went against the idea of weblog, where you are supposed to capture the latest foobar with words. Wait until Friday does not seem to work for me sometimes.

So, everything that has a beginning has an end, as there would be no more FRQ. But at the same time I am starting up something new, a quickies blog that sits nicely on the side bar of my main page. There will be random links adding to the list throughout the day, with minimum commentaries. You can also click on the "Quickies" link at top to go to the quickies index page, and there's even a RSS 1.0 feed for it.

Have fun...