Anyone wants to take over?

Another Movable Type related entry. I have posted my plan to give away my little style sheet project, Movable Style. I am echoing it here as well, just in case someone is interested.

Due to personal busyness, commitment to work/home/church, disappointment with MT3, etc, I have decided to stop working on Movable Style, a site that provides better-than-default stylesheets for stock MT2.x templates. At the same time, I am happy to give it away to someone who is willing to take over. Please email me if you are interested.

Something information that might interest you:

  • 33 bloglines subscribers.
  • 300-400 visitors per day. That makes 5,000-8,000 hits.
  • PR6, according to Google toolbar, with 163 back links.

It is sad to give up a project, but it just felt worse when you cannot commit to it.