Anyone knows Japanese here?

While checking out my referral logs today, I discovered an interesting link to a blog entry I've written nearly 10 months ago on housing availability in the Eastern suburbs. The interesting fact is that, the page that links to my site is written entirely in Japanese! From what I can read, which are the Hanji's on the page as they are common to Chinese, it seems to be a report on Sydney real estate and potential crash on property price. Here's the link:


My blog entry is referred one page down the report, under the "高位価格エリア−Eastern Suburbs" section (yeah, I can recognise the word Eastern Suburbs). My article is introduced this way:


It then actually quoted 3 paragraphs of my writing, translated in Japanese! Now I am wondering what else has the reporter written. Is he/she saying, "yes, this Taiwanese guy has weird sense of humour", or "hey, this bloke knows no crap about real estate in Sydney". Either way, I would like to find out! Anyone fluent in Japanese here?

And it has also demonstrated what journalism is really about - just copy and translate dodgy articles you have found via your friend's friend's blog-roll's related blog. Sounds like I am getting there as well...