A switcher, one year later

My iBook has finished her first orbit around the sun, which starts one year ago on this day. Nothing much has changed. This iBook does most things I asked her to do, but many other things I still prefer doing them on Windows or Linux. Am I a switcher? Not quite. I am typing up this blog entry in vim on a Linux box, connected to via putty from my work's Dell lappy. I always wanted to learn Objective C and Coca programming, but still have not started one year later. A native free office suite is still lacking for me to do multi-lingual work (Chinese and English), even though this one is pretty close. Due to lack of line-in on iBook, a lot of sound work I cannot do, without forking out another hundred bucks for a USB line-in like iMic. G3 is not a speed demon, even after the Panther upgrade, but it is more that sufficient for me to do everyday stuff.

I do enjoy using this iBook, and I use it everyday, everywhere (with Airport on, of course). However, it might need a bit more effort to switch an old PC veteran like me completely.