Will You Enable TypeKey in Your Blog?

Here is a question for my readers, after SixApart announced the up-coming TypeKey service, and has released an extensive FAQ for it, will you enable TypeKey for commenting on your blogsite, once you upgraded to Movable Type 3 later this month?

Possible reactions:

  1. Bring on the TypeKey, the ultimate solution for blog comment spamming!
  2. No way! Anything centralised is moving backwards!
  3. I'm going to enable both TypeKey and regular comments, having the best of both world!
  4. What the?! I am using Blogspot/Xanga/LiveJournal, you insensitive clod!

From reading various blogsites you get mixed reactions to TypeKey. I for one would like to use it, and would use it exclusively, because:

  • Stops spams. Even Jay Allen of MT-Blacklist reckons that TypeKey solves what MT-BlackList could not. I am getting 150+ comments spams so far this year, and it has just been getting worse. However, most people who commented on my blog are friends that I know, which I would rather like them to use TypeKey.
  • Commentor tracking. I hated it when someone spoofs another person's identity...
  • Centralised service only applies to comments but not blogs, so I, as the blogsite owner, can still continue to write even in unfortunate event when TypeKey is down.

What do you think?