Thank God It is ...

Just then I was listening to radio while driving home. If I am the only one on the car, I usually just tuned to Triple M as I normally can only tolerate music with distortion on guitar. But that's another story. During the commercials, there was an ad telling what people should go clubbing during the Easter long weekend, and with rumbling rhythm and singing lead guitars as background music, narrator in the ad says "Thank God It is Thursday!"

Well, sarcastically speaking, I can't believe that there is such a God-glorying message in a secular radio station such as Triple M, especially during the commercials!! Except he has missed out the date by one - it should be "Thank God It is Friday!" - the Friday where God's anointed king died on the cross as the suffering servant, taking up the transgression of the whole world, so that we can be forgiven. That is really something worth thanking God for.

Or have I misinterpreted the ad? :)