Not a week to look forward to

It is only the first day of a working week, and I already felt to have another long weekend. An extra day of holiday yesterday was not particularly restful, and it was occupied by lots of gardening and helping out Vivian in sewing and cooking. I stayed late to solve some issues of bandersnatch on my Jabber server, with my rusty Perl. Why was a daemon process designed to catch SIGHUP and exit gracefully is beyond me, but at least I figured out why it keeps on dying when I logged out.

But then we got some issues on FOCUS forum and Nicholas's blogsite (hosted on, which has been a concern for a few). I spent another hour and half reading through Nicholas' messages on forums and other people's comments on Sui's blog entry. No wonder why my head still aches when I woke up this morning.

And this morning Vivian caught the bus to work with only a pair of sunglasses - which makes her weird in the office. So I have to drive back home to Daceyville, picked up her glasses from the wardrobe, drove to city to pass the glasses to her, and then drove back to Alexandria to go back to work. Don't I enjoy the morning Sydney CBD traffic!

Work has always been very busy this year. Some people might see it as a good thing, as more and more financial institutions are deploying our software. At the same time, it has also made the office a very stressful environment. There are quite a few large projects queueing up on my TODO list, including some from a major Australian bank (don't ask me which bank). I know I would be like a zombie by the time I head home. Sigh. Work life.

I was going to comment on some hiccups that are happening currently in MBF. Too tired to put that down into words...

Okay. Back to Nicholas' case. What frustrates me the most with the whole event is not Nicholas' Catholic point of view, but inability of "evangelical protestants" side to argue, either by time constraint or by simply the inability to make fine arguments. It is just not on by calling people hypocrites or condemning people to hell. And at the same time, as it has surely disappointed Nicholas and I myself as well, no one steps out to make a comment. Shall I call the whole FOCUS team a failure?

On the other hand, nor do I think that Nicholas is totally innocent. What is your motivation in staying in FOCUS, Nicholas, that at the same time you can publicly criticise the teaching of the very same church you are going to. Those questions that you have raised do not suggest that you are simply seeking an answer from FOCUS. It is denouncement that you seek. It is more like an attitude problem to me.

Well. I was going to continue to rant on the responsibility (or lack of) of people using/administrating the FOCUS website. Yesterday, I bet with Vivian that no one would update any information with regard to Mid Year Conference on the FOCUS website. Yet if people cannot find it there, I am the one to be blamed. I guess that would be a bit harsh to an old guy who has not been on campus for the past 5 years.

Alright. Enough for today.