No Steve Here

When one individual calls you with a wrong name, you might forgive, understand that it might be a mistake. When more than one individuals call you the wrong name every now and then, you would start wondering that maybe you have a common face. However, when multiple unrelated entities call you the same wrong name quite occasionally, then you might have thought for yourself that maybe you do look like someone famous!

But even Google does not know any famous pop-star or kung-fu master or politician named "Steve Yang".

I have been called "Steve" quite occasionally, even back when I was studying high school in Queensland. Moving down to New South Wales does not help, and every now and then a new comer to the church would call me "Steve". I remembered when Sam Tan started MTS last year, for the first month or two he would call me "Steve". Why Steve? It is still a mystery I cannot explain.

And last night I posted an entry about iBook & Powerbook upgrades on my other blog, and got a track back this morning from MyPowerBook, with the excerpt saying:

... On another note, Steve Yang over at A Switcher's Journal did a great job of comparing what's new with the PowerBook and iBooks and giving a table of prices and features ...

Bah! No Steve here! I am Scott!

Great that the author of MyPowerBook quickly discovered the mistake and corrected his entry. But now even those whom I have never met called me Steve. Maybe I should consider a name change.