New iBook & Powerbook

Wah lah. The money I paid for my 900Mhz G3 iBook less than a year ago can now buy me a 1.33Ghz 12" Powerbook with 60Gb hard drive and AirportExtreme built in, according to the latest Apple Shop price update! And the entry level 12" iBook now costs merely AUD$1,695, which also includes a 1Ghz G4 processor, Radeon 9200 GPU and AirportExtreme capable. Who told me that Mac's keep their value well?

Here's the updated iBook & Powerbook just released, with their AUD$ price.

Model CPU RAM HDD GPU Optical Price
iBook 12" 1Ghz 256Mb 30Gb ATI Radeon 9200 Combo A$1,695
iBook 14" 40Gb A$2,049
1.2Ghz 60Gb A$2,399
Powerbook 12" 1.33Ghz 256Mb 60Gb NVIDIA GF Go5200 Combo A$2,599
SuperDrive A$2,999
Powerbook 15" ATI Radeon 9700 Combo A$3,299
1.5Ghz 512Mb 80Gb SuperDrive A$3,999
Powerbook 17" A$4,499

Interesting facts:

  • All Powerbook comes with AirportExtreme - no $199 rip off anymore!
  • 14" 1.2Ghz iBook also comes with AE, but optional on other iBook models.
  • All models come with iLife and GarageBand!
  • Max. memory for iBook and 12" Powerbook is 1.25Gb and 2Gb for 15" and 17" Powerbook - which means it takes the 1Gb stick into consideration.
  • SuperDrive an option on 14" iBook - was it like this before?
  • Just noticed that iBook has S-Video output connector bundled. I actually have to pay for it myself.

Well. Well done Apple. Now we just need a faster G5 and an updated iMac :)