My Blogger Site

Blogger I just remembered that I actually once had a blog site with Blogger, hosted on Blog*Spot, when I tested out some Blogger API stuff middle of last year. I went back there with my old Blogger login and password, and it is still there! I wonder whether Blogspot ever removes abandoned blogsites.

Anyway, this time I looked at the template, and try to make it compatible with Movable Type's default index templates, so that I can use it against the CSS stylesheets I got on Movable Style.

Moreover, I would like to get rid of the banner ad displayed at the top of the page - don't I just hate banner ads! Initially I added some Javascript to hide the <div /> that contains the banner. However, soon I realised that all Blog*Spot did was replacing the first <body> tag with HTML code that adds the banner ad, which makes it very easy to fool. All I need to do is to add a fake <body> tag somewhere in a commented section, before the real <body> tag appears. No more banner ad!


+  <!--
+  <body>
+  -->



Not sure whether it conflicts with Blogger's terms and services. Advertisement is only mentioned in point 16, but there is no where saying you cannot remove banner ads by tempering with templates...

Updated: Actually, I think I checked the wrong terms and services before. If you look at the terms and services of hosting on Blog*Spot, under item 10 it clearly states out:

You also agree that you will not attempt to block or otherwise interfere with advertisements displayed on your BlogSpot site via JavaScript or any other means. Doing so is grounds for immediate termination of service.

Well. I have warned you about the consequences, but it is up to you if you decide to be ignorant :)