Lunch with L & J

L and I went out for lunch with J yesterday. I have known both of them for over 10 years - probably the first few people I know from Sydney. Three of us have been working in Alexandria for the last 18 months, but it was the first time a lunch together was organised. Call me slack and I won't deny it. If J did not organise something yesterday, L and I would probably never do anything about it.

Apparently J is quiting her job from a company that she has been working with for past 5+ years, and her new job would be north shore based. Fine. A surprise actually, as she was one of few ex-course mates of mine that has not changed jobs since graduation (you see, it is way more common to change jobs for a capable computer engineers in early part of this decade). I suspect this organised lunch would probably be the last as well.

Catching up an old friend is not easy - at least for me who has never been good in catching up. What shall we talk about? House. Work. Family. Pets. Other common friends. We talked about the Passion of Christ, which I have not yet watched. J said that she is picking up the Bible again after watching the movie. Good on ya, Mel! But the sad fact is that it is not hard to forget your Bible, even when you have done all the Moore external course subjects and are going out with a Christian boy friend (which is the case of J).

Lunch has finished quickly, but it does not feel like ending with a bang. All of us have grown older and became more mature. Everyone has now his/her own business to mind, and the gap between each other just gets more and more obvious. Until next time; but that won't be the same again.

On the way back to the office, L asked me whether I am still interested in doing 1 year in Moore. As of yesterday the answer is still a definite yes, and I know L is also interested. But then there are two more years to go with our work commitment. Anything could happen. Hope for the better - maybe Jesus could come back :)

I'll just trust God and not to think that far.