Is Gmail a Fools Day Joke?

Is Gmail, press released by Google yesterday on the 1st of April, an April Fools' joke? That is what I thought yesterday when I first heard it that Google is offering 1,000Mb email account to every user. I thought that it was a joke because 1 gigabyte per user would means alot of disk space and alot of bandwidth to host all their potential users, nevertheless the problem of people abusing the system. I know for sure that I would use it for off-line back up of my important files - or even some type of file sharing media. But you say, hey, it is Google, the bloke behind search engine indexing billions of pages! Surely they would have the resource to do that? But why don't I see Hotmail, powered by an even bigger giant - Microsoft - to do the same, besides conflicting business model?

However, over the last 24 hours more and more people believed that Gmail is indeed a true offering from Google. Mike Wendland wrote an entry to state why he thinks it is possible. Even Sydney Morning Herald, Yahoo, Wired News, and Mercury News are reporting them as genuine. Larry Page, Google's top guy, commented on on contextual ads they would place in the email, which seems to be an acceptable business model as they have already done so with AdSense. They have even registered that already has some pages up. But also noted that the WHOIS information on dates back to August 1995 - prior to existance of Google. How does that happen?

Well. Even though I do find myself having lots of fun with a remote 1 Gb mail box, but I do hope that it is a hoax - imaging how spammers are going to abuse it, with 1 Gb of storage on each of their account! I have just entered in my email address to be part of the interested party, and we shall see how true it is when the time unfolds.

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Updated 12:00pm: ComputerWorld reckoned that it is not a hoax, but the real April Fool from Google this year is the job on the moon. Btw, why don't Google puts the question and answer "Is Gmail a hoax?" into their FAQ? That would certainly shut many people up (me included).