Gmail beta-testing account offered to active Blogger users

Gmail Logo According to this news (or not so new according to some of the user comments) from Slashdot, Google is now offering Gmail beta testing accounts to active Blogger users. It effectively increases the user base of beta testing significantly towards those who are technical savvy, out-spoken and influential on the Internet, which characterise the majority of Blogger users. Smart move.

And according to Evan Williams, the co-founder of Pyra who was behind Blogger and was bought by Google, you need to be an active user of Blogger in order to get the invitation - basically there is no need to sign up now to get quick access to Gmail. And if you are the selected, when you logged in there should be an "Invite to try Gmail" advertisement on the right hand side of the screen, something like:

As an active Blogger user, we would like to invite you to be one of the first to try out Google's new email service, Gmail.

Would you like to give it a whirl? YES / NO

As for me, as an inactive user, i.e. around 3 posts for the past 8 months, did not get invited. <sob> <sob>l; I guess I should feel content with my 60Gb email account at home :) As of emailing habits, I usually only save one out of 50 emails I have received - those that I classified as "important". Even though I do save all out-bound emails since 1997, but I also explicitly delete those containing attachments. After all these years...

    $ du -s ~/Maildir
    13034   /home/scotty/Maildir

It would take ages before I ever need 1Gb for my email account.

Updated on 4 May 2004: Quite a few visitors came via Google to try to get a Gmail invite, but sorry mates! I don't have any invite to give away. I don't even have a Gmail account! Again, it is not wise to leave your email address on the website, unless you want to test out effectiveness of Hotmail's spam filters...