FRQ - Mac OS X 10.4, Yum Cha Cart, Java Design, etc

A few links from this week.


Mac OS X 10.4 would probably be known as tiger, after Apple registered Lynx, Cougar, Leopard, and Tiger as trademarks. Many people reckon that "tiger" is just too generic and immature sounding. But what interests me more is what kind of new features would be in it.

And Jeremy Zawodny, the MySQL guy, has decided to make the switch, just like what I had done nearly one year ago. Except that he is getting that shining new 15" PowerBook! Jeremy listed out all the things he does on his Linux lapton, and things he found inconvenient, and convinced himself that a switch is a good thing.

Cart Driving

How about the Yum Cha carts? Sydney Morning Herold reports that Yum cha restaurants in Chinatown will now have to train workers who push food carts to pass a "driving licence" under new regulations from Sydney City Council. Maybe we shall see waitresses pushing the cart, with a yellow 'L' plate next to it, and another instructor along side, yelling to her, "Can't you do parallel parking?!"

Or maybe it is just another April fool.

Java, Again

Every week there would be people complaining about how difficult Java is for certain tasks. LinuxWorld reports "Why Do Java Developers Like to Make Things So Hard?". It is actually complaining about some "super smart" developers, mostly Java programmers and swear by OOP, would make everything generic by having hundreds of interfaces and thousands of classes to solve one problem. Instead of giving client developers a solution, they give them even a bigger problem.

But I won't say it is the fault of the language. We just need other people centred programmers to develop 3rd party libraries.