Exercise needed

Just came back from seeing my GP about my knee problem. My right knee hurts whenever it is bend and under pressure for a period of time, since I accidentally injured myself climbing down a ladder 3 months ago. Sitting down without being able to stretch my legs for half an hour really hurts. That makes Sunday church sitting in squashed lecture hall chairs a bit less than comfortable. Even long drives with my right feet constantly pressing on accelerator grows sore on my knee.

It turns out that there is no "instant treatment" to my problem. GP showed me a model of human knee, and how tendon and bones are joined together - quite a fragile piece they are. At the end, he suggested me to take up more exercise to build up my thigh and leg muscle which really holds the bones together. Maybe he knows that I am sitting in front of computers over excessive hours during the day. Anyway, doing steps is no good, but apparently cycling is fine. Maybe it would motivate myself to ride again.

And believe it or not, it is probably the first time for possibly the last 10 years that I went to see a doctor. And if it wasn't Vivian keeps on nagging me to go, I would easily put off the idea of going to a clinic. Thank God that I have been relatively healthy for the past decade, but it is really my inner resistance of getting someone to have my body checked up. Not sure whether it is a common problem of doctor's kids, all my maintenance has been properly taken care of since I was young. It has never occurred to me that, hey, I need to go to see a doctor when I am sick. The doctor came to see you!

And it took so long to get myself adjusted...