Dead rat in the garden

"I think there is a dead rat in our garden...."

Vivian, who is staying at home today, just ICQ'ed me at work about her new discovery.

"Scooter has been playing with it."

Aarrgghh! That stupid dog of ours.

Sounds like I have got one more thing to do before going to the FOCUS Church camp tonight.

It will be my 7th FOCUS church camp, and it would be starting at 8:30pm tonight (Thursday) 'til Monday afternoon. As usual, Joshua would be doing all the sermons on the topic this year "Follow Him", and during Bible study group we would work through the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). Venue of the church camp has been different every year, and this year we would be at Life Adventure Site at Kurrajong, which is quite close to Merroo the MYC site. From the description about it, this year's site sounds "exciting". 16-24 beds in a room. I might need to get myself a pair of ear plug.

And obviously I would not be able to blog for the next couple of days...