I know that one can only be thoroughly cleansed by the blood of Jesus, but preference wise I do want to wear clean cloth everyday. Lack of a working laundry has made that task a little more difficult to achieve, so for the past 2 months we have been doing our washing at Judy's place on Wednesday nights, before and after the FOCUS Team. But it is no more necessary! Not I have been enlightened that dirty and smelly clothes are just as good, but our laundry is finally working as of this morning. All walls tiled, grouted and sealed. The plumber came yesterday to connect the tub to drain, and this morning I moved the washing machine into the room, connected up all the pipes, dumped the dirty clothes in, powered it up, and everything went well.

Merry go around. That's a joy.

The plumber did much more than just fixing up the laundry. He also installed the vanity in the toilet at the rear end of the house and a new kitchen sink. The new kitchen sink we bought two weeks ago has two full size sink with drainers on each side, which is much better for a Chinese kitchen where you have dirty dishes, wok and fry pans everywhere after a meal. The new vanity though, which we also bought a few weeks ago from Bunnings, is extremely small. You would really have difficulties to put both your hands into the basin if you are on the large side, and it is just impossible to wash your hand without spilling all over the place.

Next step: the doors. Need to change the front door plus back door and a new door bell.