Churches on Cyberspace

Via Slashdot, BBC News has an article having a glimpse inside the virtual church, Church of Fools, started by Christian humour website, Ship of Fools. In this 3D environment that simulates a church hall, Sunday worshippers can be connected from everywhere in the world to participate in the service - listening to the sermon, singing the hymn, fellowshipping with one another and praying the prayers. You can even give offerings via SMS.

I think they have just missed out "reading the Bible" as part of activities.

On the other hand, I have been hearing ideas from ex-FOCUS people to have a "virtual Bible study group" to connect all the ex-FOCUS people around south east Asian together. After all, it might not be a bad idea especially some Christians going back home just cannot find enough support from their local churches.

But can the "virtual" replace anything that is "real"? By no means. The idea of church is much bigger than meeting together on Sundays to listen through boring sermon on the pews. I might use it in my MBFri seminar in a few weeks of time on "church".