Christianity-Today on Back To Jerusalem

Article on ChristianityToday on the Back to Jerusalem movement amongst the Chinese house churches. House church in China are aiming at sending 100,000 missionaries to its neighbouring countries, and they have taken the great commission seriously. There will be persecutions along the way, but those who have experienced the culture revolution know no fear. The mission is still at its infancy but certainly growing. The focus is not on the miracles, but on gospel proclaimed...

What do you think when you read through the mission statement of BTJ? What are your thoughts after you have learnt the persecutions and faithfulness of those in Chinese house church? Praise the LORD!!

But the scepticism in me has dampened my reaction. I would love to gain more understanding on the greater majority of Christians in China, but my "hand-on" experience with Chinese students here in Australia and back home might have distort what I can see. Having contacts with over one hundred students over the past years has drawn one conclusion: the young generation Chinese can be generalised as godless, selfish, immature and materialistic1. I have met one or two house church goers from Wenzhou, one of the most Christianised city in China, but their responses have been quite disappointing. BTJ claimed that there are 1 million full time gospel workers, as they are sending out the tithe of 100,000 as missionaries, but somehow I don't hear much about them amongst the Chinese students here.

Maybe the sample I have here in Australia is misrepresented - maybe mainland Chinese who can afford overseas education are amongst the top 1% of riches in China. Maybe those faithful in house church only lives in the country side. Maybe they are too busy resisting persecution and proclaiming God's word. Maybe only the atheists come to UNSW to study...

I think I just need to have more independent resources on house churches in China, if such thing exists.

On the way to church camp last Thursday, JJ told us that she has watched the film "神州" by the famous activist 遠志明 who escaped to the states and became a gospel worker. JJ is a young but smart Christian, and she shared with us what she thought of the film. At the same time she was also confused about some of the ideas in there, like Chinese dragon being the serpent/Satan, God in China before Han Dynasty, quoting Bible verses out of context, etc. Last week JP from Canberra came visited us, and also shared with us his view on the film "十字架", the latest from the same producer.

I think I would like to get my hands on these movies as well in order to understand more on the mainland Chinese brand of Christianity. I wonder whether they have done to Christ what the Zen Buddhism has done to Buddha over the centuries.

1 Those who do no agree with me, yes, you are extra-ordinary.