Blog and Reality Show

Sometimes I was wondering, writing or reading a journal/diary based weblog is just like acting or watching a reality show on television. There are always people shamelessly and willingly wanting to share bits and pieces of their lives in public media, and there are always people who are curious about everyone else's boring lives, in the hope to catch just a glimpse of nakedness.

Talking to someone else on the net, and the topic went onto this other person's blog site. The person that I chatted with seems to be quite knowledgeable about the blog site owner's life - he knows all blog-worthy events happened to the blogger over the last two years - even though they have never met. Weird, isn't it? Even weird when a person, that I know in "real life", came apologising to me for not knowing certain events because they have not been tracking my lives through this blog. I was stunned. How should I respond? "Oh, please stay tuned to this URL for the latest updates of my boring life." Being tracked by someone else has never made myself comfortable, but meanwhile I am also the one doing exactly the same with a dozen or so individuals on my blogroll...

I have not had a TV at home for 9 years (could I boast that as an achievement?), and in fact I have never watched a reality show on television. But I can understand how sick it is, as weblogs on the Internet reflects it all.