A night with Orkut

I was planned to prepare the seminar that I am supposed to lead next Friday with MBF, but not surprisingly I got slack, procrastinated and played around with Orkut for the last hour or two, while trying to listening to PDJ's talks on CD. I wrote about Orkut a few months ago, but just decided to check out what has been changed since.

First of all, two cousins. I have two cousins living in the states, whom I have not seen for many years, but occasionally kept in touch via MSN messenger. My father's older brother's son, who is 3 years seniorer than me, lives in North Carolina, and my father's younger sister's daughter, who is one year younger than me, lives in the New York city. Both of them are Christians and serve actively in the church. And I am inviting them to join my social group on Orkut! Well, grandma was a bit worried as her grand kids grew older but were still single, so commissioned the whole family into this match making business. I am getting them into Orkut to as my part of "helping them out" :) Now I just need to invite my other Christian friends from the church...

Orkut has idea of "communities" that you can join to meet other people with similar interests. There are discussion forums within the community that idea can be shared between community members. Some communities I've joined (and tried to join) so far: Christian, Biblical Christians, Jabber, Python, Vim, Movabletype, Ricebowl Journals, Firebird, and Satch n Vai. There are quite a few Christian communities on Orkut, but from the discussion messages that main Christian community has already been overtaken by the liberals. There are, however, some other fundamentalists/conservativists Bible believing Christians struggling in their own communities there, and the messages are much more refreshing.

Any other FOCUSer on Orkut?