Weekend catch-ups

Bits and pieces from last weekend. Still feeling tired...

Friday night is the MBFri night, where Tim gave a talk on the topic "The God that is Not". He worked us through Acts 17 where Paul challenged the ancient Greek at Athens to think about whether they are worshipping the right God. The talk was clear, and there are many good feedbacks from the new comers I talked to, on how much they have understood the Christian message now. But I hoped that some would actually take action based on their understanding - especially now God commands everyone to repent as his judgement is approaching (Acts 17:30-31).

On the topic of understanding + response, I was surprised that how some Chinese would take it for granted that they don't have to be one after another. On Sunday morning where we studied Colossians 1 in our Bible study groups, we looked at how Paul prayed for Colossians' understanding which will lead them to godliness. Therefore I asked the question, "did Paul pray for two separate things - understanding and taking actions?" Immediately one girl responded "Of course they are two things", she said, "understanding does not always lead to actions." Well, it was probably not the "correct" answer that I was looking for, as comprehension should compel one to act accordingly. But human logics cannot be perceived with a simple if ... else ... statement. There are just too many variables behind one's action that break elementary cause and effect - face issue, relationships, subjectiveness (you thought you understood but you did not), cost & benefit, etc. Moreover, when sin is hard of the condition, the result is often unpredictable...

Joshua started a new series on Romans this Sunday, and yesterday we looked at the first half of the first chapter, where Paul is not ashamed of the gospel, which is the very power of God (Romans 1:16). Again, it is an obvious response for someone who has thoroughly understood God's power. And I am the man in question here - it is just much easier sometimes to chicken out than stand firm. Or maybe my subjective understanding has not yet fully grasped His power?

And Romans 1:4 reminded me the seminars we did a couple of years ago in the Mid Year Conference on Resurrection. Vivian and I had an interesting discussion before hand - when did Jesus become the Son of God? If it is at the point of resurrection, then he could not be the Son of God before hand. Jesus certainly has a few "titles" containing the word "son", which he acquired at different point in time:

  • God the Son: Jesus is always God the Son, the second person in the Holy Trinity?
  • Son of Man: Jesus became the Son of Man when the Word became fresh (son of man is just a man, but cf Hebrews 2).
  • Son of God: Jesus became the Son of God when he resurrected. (Son of God is the king, cf Acts 2, Psalm 2, etc).

That makes Jesus an interesting resume.

Saturday was exhausting. I played basketball with some guys from MBF at 8:30 in the morning. Colouring the raw pine cabinet. Tiling the wall, etc. I've only done 2.5 m2 on Saturday, where the laundry has around 10 m2 of wall coverage. Moreover, I have not done any cutting and nipping yet. Putting it on the wall is actually not that hard, but it gets more challenging when I figured out that 4 walls and the floor are actually not perpendicular to each other. D'oh. We'll see how it goes...