TypePad blocked in China

Via Slashdot, the great firewall of China has recently blocked all access to TypePad, one of the best commercial blogging community on the Internet, powered by SixApart. That would include Glenn's site (which probably might not be the reason why TypePad is blocked unless VoM news is linked). Maybe China does not want its people to read things like Taiwan politics. Who knows what other unhealthy material from the capitalistic West is available on TypePad that would potentially pollute the mind of mainland Chinese...

Thus TypePad has joined previously blocked BlogSpot and numerous other web sites, that would never see the light in the land of "Centre Nation". It is a day of sadness for bloggers who would like to share with 1.3+ billion readers, and a day of great loss for those in China, thirst and crave for information.

... Unless you have already followed different ways provided in "How To Bypass Internet Censorship" :)

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