Two weeks with Swiftel

Swiftel I have been connected to the net using Swiftel's ADSL service for nearly two weeks now, and while the speed has been excellent (note that I am not a big leecher downloader), comparing with the BADSL service I got from Internode, the stability has been less than impressive. The first few days have been a shocker - the PPPoE would die in the middle of the night, and then take 3 to 4 hours to connect itself back. I lodged a fault report to Swiftel last week, and this week they claimed that the problem has been resolved (whatever is causing it). However I still could not get a PPPoE session lasting for more than 2 days, even though it usually connects back straight away. It is probably due to my modem setting + needed a new version of RS-PPP. I would love to have my bridged ADSL connection from Internode back, but I don't think $45 per month extra would justify it.

By the way, it seems Campus Bible Study server, which hosts most Unichurch sites including MTS, stu ministries, St. Matthias, Matthias Media, etc, is also switched to Swiftel, according to Netcraft. So if you are also thinking of signing up SwiftDSL at home, please consider putting CBS/Unichurch as your referral (you might need to ask the church office for their ADSL number) to support the ministry!

Btw, Internode promised static IP option on their personal ADSL plans in 2 weeks, which is cheaper alternatives to their BADSL services. That is certainly tempting to switch back to the 'Nodes but I might wait to see whether Swiftel is joining in the recent ADSL price war in Australia.