Thursday Night Shopping

Things we bought yesterday:

  • 10 m2 of plain white wall tiles.
  • 40 kg of tile adhesive & 2 boxes of grout.
  • A bag of tile spacer.
  • Adhesive spreader, tile cutter and the tool that is used to apply the grout (whatever it is called).
  • 2 raw-pine file cabinets.

Tiles + adhesive together would probably be 200 kg, and they all sat in the boot while we went shopping last night. It was very obvious that the back of my car was very heavy - from the back my good old Pulsar looks like it has been riced with 5 cm cut on the spring. But the front appears to heightened like a 4WD with big ground clearance. Funny to look at, but certainly not fun to drive around in the Eastern suburbs.

Besides getting the tiles, we also got two cabinets from Wood-Pine in Supacentre for $99 each. They are, however, raw "finished" without any colouring or sealing, but that has saved us $100 each. I've sanded them last night, and will colour it to fake as "Australian cedar" and stain them tomorrow (if I have time). We will use these cabinets as our bed side table - how imaginative! (Not!)

We are also currently shopping for a small vanity+basin for the toilet at back, and a new kitchen sink with two bowls (Emacs does not count). The price for these items varies a lot, but we are surely looking out for something that is great value. Funny that this morning I saw an ad for a simple vanity unit on the local newspaper, which boasts "minimalist design" but costs $600+. The "design" is, well, very minimalist - i.e. do you call this a "design"? But what do you expect from a branded.

Quest for vanity + kitchen sink continues next week.