FRQ - TypeKey, Firefox, PHP5, FAST, etc

Eeeks. Aarrgghh!! It has been 6 hours and the ADSL link is still not up. I got an SMS from SwiftDSL at close to 6 PM today, saying that the authentication at Telstra is having problem, and my ADSL link has been down since. I think I will be moving back to Internode after static IP option is introduced in one or two weeks of time...

Meanwhile, here's a collection of random quickies from the last two weeks.


Why do people give up weblogs? And webloggers that write poorly without knowing it, really annoys Mark Pilgram.

Mark also commented on TypeKey, a new comment authentication system developed by SixApart, the company behind Movable Type and TypePad. It is a centralised system for identifying people posting blog comments, probably in a way to combat comment spams. However, Mark reckoned that it is not a good solution because:

  1. It is centralised.
  2. It is centralised.
  3. It is centralised.

Firefox Localhost Annoyance

Via Rand Anderson. Tried to point an unassigned port on your localhost with Firefox? Mozilla's latest offering might bring you to another site - with a .be TLD. I would imagine that those people at might also get quite annoyed, as they would probably be flooded with emails asking why they have r00ted innocent Internet users' localhost. They even put out a notice on their front page:

This is not - your localhost.

If you are a Firefox (Mozilla) user:

set keyword.enabled to false in about:config


Groovy seems to a hot language now - everyone is talking about what a dynamic typed scripting language running inside you JVM can do. Except that users of Jython have been enjoying that for ages.


Everyone would probably got the word already, but PHP 5 Release Candidate 1 is out!! Here is an article on PHPBuild on Introduction to PHP 5. Quite a few changes to gives it a more completed object architecture. Well, actually I'll say that the new syntax is very Java like. I specially look forward to objects passing by reference. The old pass-by-value default has tricked myself, a Java/Python programmer, many many times.



Everyone seems to be talking about the instant web server, which is just,

  python -c "__import__('SimpleHTTPServer').test()"

And it would be start serving, right here!

Matt's first and second attempts on looking at portable user interface for Python, and at the end he settled for wxPython. Maybe it is time for me to look at learning a GUI again.

Via Andrew Channels. It seems that simpler string substitution (PEP 292) is a planned feature for Python 2.4. That is probably one of the feature that I would not vote for - it is just too Perl/PHP like. Getting variables from local/global scope might make programming much easier, but it is such an implicit action. And why uses '$' as the escape character, when everywhere in Python '%' is used in string substitution?

Kevin Altis on Python GUI - wxPython is adored by GvR, and number of subscribers to the mailing list has shown it is the best Python GUI around. I tried that 3 years ago, and still have not picked it up...

RSS Aggregator

Jeremy Zawodny tried to switch to Bloglines as his main RSS reader, as AmphetaDesk no longer does the trick. I did just that over a month ago, and have never looked back. Looking at all the positive comments on Jeremy's entry, I wonder why don't you give it a try as well?

Search Engines

WebmasterWorld reports that has switched its serp to Yahoo. Doh. There goes another big player.

Taiwan Election

Bunch of people (including some Taiwanese) discussing the latest election result on Australian based Whirlpool. It saddens me when I read through some of the comments.