Don't Index This Page!

Google and Yahoo has been bringing lots of visitors to this site, but sometimes I wish they don't land on this site from these query. What troubles me is search engine spiders indexing my everyday life - something that probably won't edify anyone but my own ego. I don't want you to go and search your name on Google, and then find it appears in one of my whinging/ranting/raging pages.

So my goal is - stop the search engine spiders indexing all individual archives that belong to my life category. The implementation is surprisingly easy for a Movable Type installation.

  1. Install Regex and Supplemental Category Tags from Brad Choate's site.
  2. In my individual archive template, add the following lines in the <head /> section of HTML.
        <MTIfCategory name="Life">
        <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow" />
  3. Rebuild all the individual pages.
  4. The next step is a bit difficult - waiting for the mighty Google to start dancing (if it still exists)!!