Comments on Christian Testimony

It must be weird to have your former high school chaplain complimenting on your Christian testimony, especially when you used to think that religion study was one of the most boring subject in school, and tried to make up excuses for not turning up to chapel. I wasn't sure how Mr. Stonier found out this site (probably via Mrs. Mackie, but then how did she find out?), but I replied him, really apologising for not paying attention in his chapel service. Well, I would have carefully taken notes if I know the message he proclaimed has such significance. God has changed people, and He is still doing so.

And Mr. Stonier is right - praying for the school. Not just the universities, but also high schools. TSS is Anglican, but as a student there for 4 years, I personally didn't find Christianity has been actively proclaimed on the campus. At least from a formally-blinded observation, I found most students there put all their efforts in sports, academics and having fun. TSS is located at the centre of the Gold Coast, where all the "fun" and deluded life style is, and most "friends" I got just want to stuff around. Never ever have I encountered someone approaching me wanting to share Christ with me. It is just not "in the culture".

And it shall be in my prayer...