Categorising Your Blog

Many people have multiple blogs as they blog about different matters. There is diversity in one's life, and some bloggers also chose to express this diversity in different areas of their blogs.

I also blog about different areas of my life. Usually these areas of my life don't correlate, but sometimes they do intersect. At one stage I was also tempted to separate my blog entries so that they can be in their own little compartments. I thought it might benefit the readers, as I guess some of you might come to read only part of my reading, but not a mix bag of everything. Geeks might not be interested in what I say about Christianity. Church friends might feel bored when I revealed the geeky side of me. Sometimes I would prefer certain group of friends not to peek at my everyday life, as if it has ever interested anyone.

But at the end, whom am I writing for? Too bad. It is not for you. Nor is it for you. Why should I need to go through organisation headaches to categorise my blog entries?

I hope I would have time to write a bit more this month. But meanwhile, you guys sort out what you want to read yourselves!