Bloglines Subscribers

While browsing Bloglines, I discovered that it is actually possible to see the list of people that have subscribed to your blogsite. Well, at least those who opt to share their subscription lists. Moreover, you can look at what other blogsites their have subscribed to. My interesting discovery of the day.

This does solve half of my curiosity. As you can see, currently the list shows two "public" subscribers, but the "Bloglines Bot" displayed currently 4 subscribers to this site in its user agent header, i.e. there are two private lurkers around. I wonder...

Anyway, browsing the public blogrolls has found myself listed under "tech" category for one, and "Christian" category for the other. I found myself for the past month or so doing more tech bloggings than Christian bloggings, due to the amount of time (or lack of) that I can keep calm and think through issues. Maybe I shall adjust myself a little bit.