Bits and Pieces of Weekend

I have came to realisation that Paul Grimmond did a computer science degree when he preached in Unichurch today. We looked at 1 Thessalonians 5 where Paul (the Apostle) told the congregation explicitly not to go and guess the date when Jesus is coming back. Paul described that meanwhile a lot of people try to put the numbers together, fit into the computer, and bang! The answer is 42! When Paul mentioned that magic number, I was about to laugh out loud. But then I felt a bit embarrassed as no one actually laughed. I would think that it was a classic...

And that's rare occasion where forty-two is actually not the answer.

Church camp bible study preparation with the rest of FOCUS leaders on Sunday afternoon, where we tried to look at the passages for this year -- sermon on the mount Matthew 5-7.

You are the man as they are poor in spirit,
  for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
You are the man as they are those who mourn,
  for they shall inherit the earth.

That is the first two verses of the Beatitude, in the ways Danny the New Yorker tried to explain to us the meaning of "blessed", if the sermon on the mount is preached to a group of down town blacks. Yes, Danny. You are the man!!!

But Matthew 5-7 is actually not that straight forward, when you consider it is preached to a group of possibly mournful Jews who are eagerly waiting for the kingdom of God to happen. Then there comes a man that fulfils the law, preaching on the mountain, just as the law was originally given by God on the mountain some 1,300 years ago. And all these preaching occurred before Jesus' death and resurrection, where his kingdom truly comes. A lot of idea is in these verses, and I am not sure how we are to unfold it to a group of young/non-Christians in church camp 10 days away.

I have been in the Anglican church for the past 9 years (yes, Unichurches and St. Matthias are Anglican churches!) but I just don't feel Anglican enough. Victor from Pelita and I went to the Unichurches Annual General Meeting today, and I guess I might need to take up some "Anglicanism" sometime soon.

In the meeting we vote, even though everyone seems to be agreeing with each other. Well, it is a good thing I think - church politics is something that I do not wish to see here. AGM is quite efficient I found (comparing to the long dragging MBF leaders meeting), and within one hour we have warden's reports, treasurer's reports, voting for wardens, voting for nominees, voting for parish council, pray, and other bits and pieces.

And I have been nominated as one of five nominator, which would probably need to nominate a rector when the current rector (Phillip Jensen) is resigning, which is likely to be within this or next year. Yup. Need to know more about Anglican...

Sunday morning sermon is on Romans 3:21-31 - one of the finest passages that talked about both God's love and God's justice. Afterwards I asked K - and he still could not trust God. Taking it too easy? Understanding certainly did not draw appropriate response here.