Creative Common Attribution I was browsing through some of the new entries appear on's Python Buzz, and noted one MT powered blog site has clearly used one of the stylesheets I posted on Movable Style early this year. Looked at the source of the CSS, and found it alters only the colours. I then try to walk through all the pages on his blog site for attribution, since creative common used by Movable Style requires it...

Hey! What the @#$%! No credit?! Do I smell licensing infringement?!

Well. Maybe I have exaggerated the reaction. What would you do when you come across a nice idea/document/software on the Internet that does not have a 'Click here to Buy' button right next to it? Or, do you always attribute when you quoted someone else's blog?

Maybe finding GPL'ed code in Windows XP kernel is something more rewarding, than pursuing attribution to your half decent style sheet.