VoM classified as hate speech?

According to Glenn, who is a webmaster at the Voice of Martyrs, that VoM has somehow being classified as "hate speech" by the web filter policy of Alabama's Public School system, whom Andy the Geek works for.

I hope that it is just some dodgy algorithm the web filter implemented that automatically counts the proportion of "sensitive" words in a page and spilt out "Access Denied" message without looking at the context. However I am not surprised that VoM would be intentionally classified as hate speech by the liberal public system at the states, in the tensed circumstances today. People don't want to know that Christians have been persecuted daily in some parts of the world today. The media and the authority want the public to believe that only the few extreme fundamentalists would discriminate, bully or murder the followers of Jesus, whereas the rest are all underlyingly "good".

And it was yesterday, the day before UNSW O-week starts, where fellow workers from Campus Bible Study, who were enthusiastically setting up the stalls and handing out pamphlets to new students passing by, were harassed and "threatened" by the O-week Yellow Shirts, who were not even representing the university authority. Year after year CBS gets more and more restricted by uni and student union on what it can do/cannot do during O-week in terms of advertising and evangelising. For a while you thought that you are living in a "free country" of Australia, but the next moment you realise that your very right of proclaiming "Jesus is Lord" has been crippled.

But this is just fact of life, and they are nothing comparing to other Christians in other countries have gong through. Thanks to VoM for making these known to the world.