NeoOffice/J is The One

Three days ago I downloaded 120Mb of NeoOffice/J 0.8 by Patrick Luby, and has been playing around it for a while. Now I decided that 1.0.3 for Mac/X11 is no longer useful for me, as Neo does pretty much the same thing plus more - without the burden of running an X server.

It starts up a bit faster than OOo103 on my iBook G3/900, and overall it feels more responsive. While it does not have an Aqua interface, it renders everything else beautifully - anti-alias everywhere just like other Mac OS X applications. It utilises Java 1.3 as the bridge between its internal and Mac's front-end, so it uses all the native fonts. The new release also supports native input method, but I have not yet got it work due to font issues. After all, NeoOffice/J is based on OpenOffice.org1.0 architecture, which does not support Unicode properly. I might need to wait for OOo1.1 to be ported to move all my Chinese work onto my Mac.

Thumbs up for pluby. It is truly a great application, and there is even less reason to donate to Bill.


This blog entry is written on ecto 1.0, and it has become a shareware which costs USD$17.95 after 2 weeks of trail. ecto is a nice piece of blog tool which I have blogged here. Should I pay AUD$25 for it, or go back to mt.cgi?