Tonight I will be moving the good old server from my old place on Kennedy Street to my new house on Gardeners Road. I am aiming to start at 10:00 PM, and hoping to get the box moved in 2 hours. Here is my plan:

  1. ssh into the box at 10:00 PM, from my iBook via Airport. su into root and issue the command /sbin/poweroff. Bye bye 450+ days of uptime.
  2. Unplug all the cables (power, CAT5, phone line). Pack up the box, ADSL modem, line filter, 100BaseTX hub, and wireless AP. Put all of them into a paper box on the car.
  3. Drive to new place! Fortunately it only takes 3 minutes.
  4. Unload all the gears into our new study.
  5. Plug in the line filter + ADSL modem onto the wall socket, and then link to eth1 on the server. Link eth0 to the hub. Plug wireless AP onto the hub.
  6. Powers up everything. Finger crossed.
  7. Try to log into the wireless AP from iBook. Hopefully DHCP server is up to issue me an internal IP address.
  8. Fix up the iptables rule. s/eth1/ppp+/g - as the new provider uses PPPoE where the old one uses bridged Ethernet connection. Hopefully that's all I need to do.
  9. adsl-start and finger crossed again that it will work.
  10. Update DNS records to point to my new IP address. I have previously changed all the 'A' records to have TTL of 1 hour - hopefully everything will refresh nicely.
  11. Go to sleep (hopefully) before 12:00 AM, as I need to get up to do lawn mowing on Saturday morning...

During the time of moving, plus the time where your DNS server is still caching the old records, all the services hosted on this box will be down. That includes this particular blogsite, FOCUS and Pelita websites, all the blogsites, MovableStyle blogsite, emails and FOCUS mailing lists.

My worry would be the ageing server. CPU, motherboard and one of the hard drive (that hosts everything except /home) are all 5 years old, and the drive has been spinning non-stop for 400+ days. Spinning it down might mean that it is the end of it. Even though I kept the backup, restoring is always troublesome. Hopefully everything will turn out to be smooth.

Update: It is 1:50am in the morning on Saturday. I think the link is working. Hopefully everything is up. Some of the sites already got visitors. Need sleep...