Firebird 1.5 Released

Firebird SQLFrom the Firebird website, Release 1.5 of the Firebird database has just been released over the weekend. From the CVS log of the "WhatsNew" file, it seems the final release is the same as RC9 released a week ago. I just back up a database from Firebird 1.0.3, restore it on the new 1.5, and run an application built against the client library of 1.0.3. Everything runs like a dream (so far). Seems to be an easy migration, and you get better performance due to better plan optimisation for free!

Congratulation the Firebird guys (and gals), for making such a great database engine!

Now I just need to wait for Firebird 2.0, which promises better support for SMP and other SQL goodies like sub-select. And I am still waiting for more documentation - not sure which one would come first. Btw, IBPhoenix now has this book, The Firebird Book on-line for pre-order, authored by egroup.firebird-support frequent contributor Helen Borrie. Honestly the cartoonish "phoenix" logo looks ugly (looks like a chicken, don't you think so?) but I might get that book if the review is good. Due to be out in May this year.