Paint Scraping Part II

The story continues from my previous post...

There is a Chinese proverb saying "一分錢一分貨", which just means you get what you paid for. There are lots of exceptions on this, for example the Open Source Software and God's gracious salvation plan for you, but it still generally holds true in today's consumer market.

On Wednesday I went and bought a can of chemical paint stripper from Bunnings. It is PolyStrippa Renovator's Choice. It came in a 1 litre package, and it can be safely used indoor because it does not contain methylene chloride. I gave it a go - that 1L stripping glue can only cover 1m2, but I was too cheap and cover the whole wall with it. While it is *very* effective - you can just peer the paint off after 2-3 hours, but some parts did not work that well because I spread it too thin. At the end, $21 for 1m2 is quite expensive.

So yesterday I went back to Bunnings to see whether they have any cheaper alternative, and then I found this Citristrip that claims to cover 5m2 with its 0.5 litre foam spread can. Additionally, it also produces fresh orange scent, and costs only AUD$16. Oh what a deal, I thought, and got one back to give a try.

The result is disappointing - it did not cover as much area as PolyStrippa. The orange scent is very irritating. It is more liquid than foam, which does not stick to vertical walls. And the paint just won't give in to this chemical - so at the end I just wasted $16 on something that did not work for me.

I am going back to get more PolyStrippa later after work. Even at AUD$21 a litre, it is still cheaper than AUD$85/m2 quoted to get someone else to do it.