My new blog tool

Adriaan Tijsseling has updated his excellent desktop blogging client ecto, successor of my all-time favourite Kung-Log. The 0.1.6 is the first beta version available for public testing, and it is simply one of the most powerful (and beautiful) desktop blogging tool I have ever used, both on Mac and on PC. Once it is installed, it will automatically discover the blogging tool using possibly RSD - just type in the URL of my main blog and it automatically loads all the blogs available to me on that MovableType installation, downloads all the categories and 20 recent entries. Even though it does not carry over the configuration of Kung-Log, but setting it up is completely painless. Here's a screenshot of blogging with ecto:

ecto desktop

What I like about it is the category side drawer of categories, making it easier to select. However, the screen seems to be populated by windows of various sizes - main composing window, category drawer, settings drawer, status window, recent entries window, etc, which might look very busy and overwhelming. I am still learning the new interface and discovering new surprises, but I have already determined which tool would I use the most for blogging.