My "Friend of a Friend" File

I am a bit slow on taking up this technology, but I've done it anyway. Here is my Friend of a Friend file, just in case that you want to include me into your community.

FoaF provides an open standard mechanism to build social networks in the same fashion as Friendster. In the decentralised RDF file you can describe yourself (name, phone number, interests, etc), and you can also specify who do you know, using their email address (or SHA1 version of it) to link the contacts together. Therefore it is possible to write an application that parses several FoaF files and then build a network topology from it. In fact quite a few tools have been written for it.

Now I just need to wait for a spider to come by and pick up my freshly prepared RDF file. At the same time, I also need to find some friends, or at least those geeky ones that also have a FoaF entry.