More Movies

It is a continuation from my previous blog entry. In fact I have watched more than just RoTK, but a few other movies on both cinema and DVD. I will just try to write a few sentences for each one.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World I have watched Master and Commander: The Far Side of The World at Randwick Ritz. Great acting by Russell Crowe, and it has awesome sea battle. There are some beautiful shoots, but that's about all I can praise. The story line is pretty boring, and you don't get that "hey, that's something to think about" feeling at the end of the movie. In the middle of the movie when Crowe wanted to pursuit the French "phantom" ship, regardless what Doctor Bettany has suggested, I really would like to smack his head with a clue stick. What kind of captain is that? Anyway, the ending is okay, with a hint of more story coming. But I'll probably give that a miss.

Chicago On DVD I watched multi-awarded Chicago the musical, starring Zellweger, Zeta-Jones and Gere. Again, I like the musical parts - great singing, good dances and amazing camera work. However, the whole "story" is simply disturbing. It is about a adulterous murderer getting out of jail and becomes a broadway superstar - because the whole justice system is just a show, according to the lawyer. What the?! And I can't stop feeling sad for Amos (cast by John Reiley) - especially in the song "Mister Cellophane". The hard working honest husband is the biggest loser at the end.

Anger Management And then we have comedies. Comedy is actually my one of favourite gene, along side with sci-fi and fantasy movies. Some comedies don't have much story line, like Sandler and Nicholson's Anger Management which I watched on DVD. It is a plot-less stupid movie that is not that funny. Definitely not one of Sandler's best. And why Nicholson is so good as a weirdo (As Good As It Gets, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)? Anyway, not recommended by Scott. Two Weeks Notice On the other hand, Two Weeks Notice is a refreshing love comedy starring Bullock and Grant. Vivian wanted to watch this movie since the beginning of 2003, and we finally caught it on DVD last week. No story either, but I did have some good laughs, especially some of the dialogues. By the way, why Hugh Grant always acts in those rich playboy type of role?

Spaceballs I sometimes do watch older movies - even the movies that I have watched a few times. Last week I found one of my favourite comedies in the rental shop in DVD format, and I had this urge to bring it back home. That would be Spaceballs of 1987, one of Mel Brooks' finest films. Vivian can't understand it, but I just love it! It has some of the funnies dialogue (with Starwars twist) - like Dark Helmet "Evil will always triumph over good because good is dumb", "I am your father's brother's cousins uncle's former roomate." when he confronted Lone Starr. "May the Schwartz Be with You!" I just can't stop crack up laughing. And what about that "Ludicrous speed" thing? Hah hah hah. I can't be sure whether it is a spoof on Star Trek's Warp speed or Starwars' Hyper Drive... I might want to source a copy of DVD myself because I can see myself watching it again and again.

That's it for tonight. We will be watching Cold Mountain this Saturday - a war drama that has good reviews.