Leo and Jenny

Leo and his wife Jenny visited the International Unichurch for the second time yesterday, but this time they will here to stay - at least for the next 2 years when Leo will be trained under the Ministry Training Strategy. Woohoo!

A Mandarin speaking staff worker that can spend 5 days a week on the campus is what we really needed for the past few years, and God answered our prayer by lending Leo to us for 2 years, from his home church. I think I met Leo back in 1995 through a course mate (there wasn't Friendster back then :). As a fellow Taiwanese I somehow got involved in his church around 1996-1997 and a small Taiwanese Christian group on campus. During that period I would go to his church in the Sunday afternoon as well as teaching guitar and scales to a bunch of kids on Friday nights (I'm not sure why would I travel to North Shore 2 times a week back then). But then Leo told me that he still got the guitar notes that I made 7 years ago (in LaTex of course)! I don't even think I can play the same scales that I used to play - which is pretty sad.

Anyway. It is great to work with an old buddy again on the ministry field. It is not going to be easy for him, coming from a Taiwanese Christian church background, to adapt to the way FOCUS run things. Vivian and I also need to learn that how we can support, as well as "letting it go" - to let Leo to run MBF in the way that is most beneficial to him and this group.