Getting Help with Firebird

I have been having difficulty searching for reference documentations on the Firebird database. As I have mentioned in a previous entry, openly available documentation on Firebird is outrageously lacking, comparing to other open source databases. The only useful reference that I can lay my hands on is the much out-dated Interbase 6 Beta manuals in PDF format. Yes, I do have a choice to purchase the IBPhoenix Developer CD (USD$149 for developers) which comes with 1,000+ pages of "Firebird User Guide" and "Firebird Reference Guide", but (1) hey, I am paying for something that other open source database users get for free (2) it appears that only the softbook PDF version is available. I might eventually go down that route after Firebird 1.5 is released, but felt dissatisfied and annoyed. Firebird is a great RDBMS that performs well and is functionally rich, but there is no way I can know what sort of goodies it provides without a proper reference manual!!

No wonder Firebird has been left out behind in a recent article on choosing an open-source database.

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