FRQ - idol worship, BLOB, code rewriting, CSS license etc.

Another week. It was a busy week - I have been coming home at 12:30-1:00am for the last few days doing the house renovation stuff. Work has been busy as well, especially trying to keep a big client and their security consultants happy. Tomorrow (or today, as it appears to be 1am already) we will be going to Luke's wedding. More on that later.

And the links...


Bruce Eckel's latest entry on rethinking weblogging. Interesting idea at the beginning on the balance between elegance and speed to market - something many software developers have to face (and suffer, I myself in particular) - and he moved onto about web publishing, zope, blogging, etc. Long article. Interesting thinking pattern.


No. I am not a fan of Australian/World Idol, simply because a device called 'television' does not exist in my home. However, I have no problem identifying Guy Sebastian on the street because he is just about wherever you go over the past few months. St. Barnabas of Broadway is also using this opportunity to promote God - it's the God that idol worships. That's a good one.

I am a Christian, but I am not a strict creationist who believes the age of this world is thousands of years instead of billions of years. That might be the reason that I felt strange when I read this article, which suggests the Grand Canyon in US is the result of flood at Noah's time.


In my search of useful Firebird references, I discovered an article talking about technical details of BLOB in Interbase, which has an interesting story on how the name 'blob' came about! It actually did not mean Binary Large OBject at the beginning. Not sure whether it is true...


Neil Gunton's article on software rewrite considered harmful generates a bit of stir on Slashdot. As a person who prefers clean and well-designed architecture, I see myself re-writing quite a bit of stuff every now and then. I don't agree with Neil - sometimes you just need to rewrite to make progress. At the end, legacy support is something that drags a lot of projects down.


Jeremy Zawodny is thinking of buying a property. Well, I've just gong through that last year. All the best!


Linus Torvalds is in Adelaide! And here's LinuxWorld's interview on Linux on the desktop. Maybe one day I will return to Linux for my desktop usage...


Jarno Virtanen posted something about a challenge between the Python VM's - Dan Sugalski's Parrot vs. the original CPython, headed by Guido van Rossum. Beside $10 and a round of beer, the loser has to accept a pie in the face, thus the name of the context is called "Pie-thon". Sounds like an interesting incentive to hack the VM for speed.


I have relicensed my styles at Movable Style to both GPL and Creative Common, but has raised some comments about copyright-ability of CSS files. Here's a link that someone suggested: CSS: Copyrightable?.

Another interesting thought experiment from Mark Pilgrim, on rejecting non-validated XHTML on the browser level. We don't see it happening today because there are just too many factors that your page might not validate. Many of them are not even under your control.